Alt-Right Demonstrators Met With ANTIFA Resistance For Protesting Kate Steinle Verdict At White House

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An alt-right protest took place in Washington D.C. this afternoon outside of the White House as identitarian activists gathered to demand for “Kate’s Wall” to be built, with leftist agitators drawn to the spectacle as well.

“We are here to bring awareness to the Kate Steinle issue that just happened in San Francisco,” former Identity Evropa president Eli Mosley said to reporters following the demonstration.

Primary event organizers included Richard Spencer of, “Daily Shoah” host Mike Enoch, and Traditional Workers Party founder Matthew Heimbach. They marched throughout Washington D.C. to raise awareness and demand justice for Kate Steinle, who was killed by an illegal immigrant that was set free in a California court of law last week.

ANTIFA leftists showed up to oppose the alt-right activists. While making it clear they do not support the murder of Kate Steinle, the priority of the leftists is to ensure that America stays a welcoming place for immigrants. They chanted “Nazi’s are not welcome here” while alt-right chanted “Build Kate’s wall.” Police stood as a barricade between the identitarians and leftists to prevent any clashes or violence.

“When the left says they care about women, they don’t care about the women who are raped and trafficked,” Heimbach said, struggling to get words out over disrupting counter-protesters.

Before things could get rowdy, law enforcement escorted the pro-white protesters away from the White House. Unlike what happened in Charlottesville, law enforcement took their mandate of keeping the peace seriously, and both sides were able to have their voices heard to a certain extent.

“The fact that the police were doing their jobs, which ensures that each group is able to express their ideas, is exactly what we want because our ideas as nationalists will win,” Heimbach said, who claims to support the U.S. Constitution as long as it is “convenient” for his own ends.

News2Share covered the event and provided live streaming video, a compilation of which can be seen here:

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